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About us

The Power of Creativity Can Add Significant Value to Any Type of Businesses. With Our Eclectic Highly Imaginative Team, We Provide a Wide Array of Creative Services for the Art, Entertainment & Hospitality Industries, Mainly Targeted at Increasing Sales and Exposure.

Our Mission And Style

We Focus on Adding Value Through the Power of Imagination by Providing Various Creative Services to the Art & Business Worlds

We are Defined by our Relentless Passion with a Unique and Visionary Approach to Traditional Problem Solving

We Introduce Innovative Lifestyle Concepts Designed for the Urban Sophisticate with a Worldly Sensibility

We Create Image and Style Inspired by the Glamorous and Care-Free Spirit of the Euro Retro-Chic Era

Our Experience

We Have Over 20 Years of Experience as Creators and Hands-on Operators of 20 Different Ventures in Various Industries

We Created Thriving Concepts that Generated Over $250M in Sales, $35M in Earnings, and Reached an Audience of 15M

We Conceptualized Critically Acclaimed, Trend-Setting Projects in the Most Competitive Markets in the US (NY-LA-Miami)

We Turned Many Written-Off Distressed Assets into Top Portfolio Performers by Inventive Reengineering of Space and Concepts

The Founder



Chies Executive Officer/Founder
The Fortier Creative Group

More than 20 years of experience, 23 start ups, 16 restaurants, two nations, five major cities: but just one visionary. Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Fortier Creative Group, Stephan Fortier is a highly passionate renaissance man who combines his love for film, design and food with savvy business acumen and entrepreneurial edge.

As an innovative entrepreneur, restaurateur and filmmaker, Fortier – who attended the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios Hollywood – sees the world through a camera lens with every new project as a cinematic production of wonder. With each project he brings his well-rounded financial scholastics, boasting a designation as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and fellowship of the Canadian Security Institute (CSI). However, some might argue that Fortier was a prodigy in business, because at the young age of 20, while still pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in business administration with additional accreditations in finance and international management at the University of Quebec in Montreal, he opened his first restaurant, Ocean Drive.

Fortier’s Ocean Drive restaurant offered a unique and sophisticated dinner club experience geared toward the city’s upper class. While fulfilling, Fortier always looked for a challenge. So, it was only fitting that the subsequent opening of Altitude 737 created success through the daring concept of a restaurant with 360-degree views of the city and sat atop the 4 top floors of the tallest building in the city. A massive club, lounge and restaurant, it attracted more than 3,000 guests daily and became one of Canada’s highest grossing restaurants.

Fortier also dabbled in the world of beauty and fashion, founding Talent Corp, an all-in-one entertainment group, which encompassed modeling and talent agency needs, advertising and promotions as well as a fashion and film institute. Foreshadowing his future and paying homage to his first restaurant, Fortier also launched and published the Canadian edition of Miami’s ultra-luxurious, high society magazine Ocean Drive. Exercising his inner artist, he found the world of publishing creative and rewarding.

The inspiring energy of New York called to Fortier and in the start of the new millennium he opened Pazza Notte, now a Midtown institution. The bustling Italian bistro and lounge was one of the first restaurant concepts to mix entertainment with a dining experience. With success in the big apple he later launched Loft, a Casbah-inspired bi-level restaurant and lounge hotspot, which attracted a celebrity clientele.

Fortier’s charismatic touch continued in the magic city of Miami with the famed Maison D’Azur, a fine dining Mediterranean concept at The Angler’s and then later with a second location at the Astor hotel in Miami Beach, which included Layla, a fashionable Moroccan eatery.

His reputation for transforming everyday life into unforgettable experiences took him to the sleepy town of Providence, Rhode Island where restaurant mogul Umberto Sorbo challenged him with the launch of five restaurants and lounges in a six-month time frame. Catering to a completely different audience than what he was used to, Fortier won over the hearts and minds of neighborhood dwellers of the Brown University campus.

Fortier’s most recent project Tosca, located in Miami Beach, is perhaps his most ambitious. Focused on rare and exclusive ingredients flown in daily from all around the world, Tosca takes fine dining in the Miami culinary landscape to a new level. With a revolutionary approach, inspired by Fortier’s favorite films of the Golden Age and Italian film “auteur” Fellini, Tosca is reminiscent of the carefree lifestyle of the late 1950s Mediterranean Riviera, transporting guests into another time and place, offering a truly novel experience.

“We have developed a reputation for creating some of the most glamorous and exciting ‘scenes’ in the hospitality business,” explains Fortier. “Magic separates restaurants from those that thrive versus those that survive. We know that in today’s world, it’s not only about great food and exceptional service, it’s about creating the experience…the escape.”

When Fortier is not dreaming up his next production, he can be found spending time with his two sons Beck and Kaj.


Hospitality Concept Creation

Recently, companies were forced to become lean and efficient in order to survive. As a result, most businesses now could use help primarily in improving stagnant or declining sales, as oppose to streamlining their already fairly efficient operations.

This is where our expertise lies… We drive sales! We can create demand for any product or service through the reengineering of concepts with creative ideas. We offer the following different packages and fee structure specifically tailored to your needs.

Food & Beverage Concept Creation

We can design specific turnkey concepts for any food and beverage operation. Hotels in particular can greatly benefit from small adjustments in their F&B operations and concepts that can significantly affect their bottom line. Developers can also improve the value of their project by initially consulting with seasoned operators to properly design more “marketable” retail spaces.

Management Fee Deal

In addition to developing and licensing concepts, we also offer management services where we undertake the full management of existing F&B operation on behalf of ownership for a monthly percentage of sales and Net Operating Income. We oversee all day-to-day operations as well as consistency and quality standards, and supervision of the execution of the concept.

Hourly Consulting

We also offer hourly consulting services for smaller projects that do not require a complete overhaul. Many businesses these days can see substantial results from minor to moderate adjustments to their concepts and/or operations, which can translate into immediate increases in sales and cost reductions by better defining the concept as well as streamlining operations.


Advisory Board Package

This is our “entry level” package. We charge a monthly flat fee to act as “advisers” to ownership. We review the financials and spend some time on location observing operations in order to give our monthly recommendations report that will include: a full P&L analysis, a review of the intangibles, as well as our ideas and recommendations to increase performance and efficiency.



Creating The Magic

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for creating some of the most glamorous and exciting “scenes” in the hospitality business, what we call “creating the magic”.

That magic is what differentiates concepts that thrive vs. ones that mearly survive. It is no longer enough to only offer great food and service, guests are looking for “an experience” …



Interior Design

We provide designs based on enhancing the quality of living and guest experience. We design with the comfort of the end user in mind and that’s the difference that made our designs so popular amongst the urban sophisticate. Through the years, we have developed a reputation of being masters at utilizing space in unique and innovative ways, turning generic or unusable spaces into some of the most creative and exciting guest experiences.

Our unique experience as creators, designers and hands-on operators of some of the top restaurants, clubs, lounges and retail concepts in the US, has given us an edge in designing innovative, high-concept spaces that are also engineered to optimize operations. Our residential projects mainly specialize in high profile “bachelor pads”. We create spaces that our clients can really use, spaces that are fun and comfortable to live in.


Tosca Miami

Tosca Treeline ArchwayTosca Single tableTosca Dining room looking into gardenTosca Interior Dining room LandscapeTosca VIP TableTosca Bathroom BoudoireTosca BathroomsTosca Wall of WisdomTosca FountainTosca Movie Theater Vertical

Maison D'Azur At The Astor

Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 1Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 2Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 3Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 4Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 5Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 6Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 7Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 8Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 9Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 10Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 11Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 12Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 13Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 14Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 15Maison D'Azur At The Astor - 16

Maison D'Azur At The Anglers

Maison D'Azur At The Anglers - 1
Maison D'Azur At The Anglers - 2
Maison D'Azur At The Anglers - 3
Maison D'Azur At The Anglers - 4
Maison D'Azur At The Anglers - 5
Maison D'Azur At The Anglers - 6
Maison D'Azur At The Anglers - 7
Angler's #8

Loft NYC

Loft NYC - 1Loft NYC - 2Loft NYC - 3Loft NYC - 4Loft NYC - 5Loft NYC - 6Loft NYC - 7Loft NYC - 8Loft NYC - 9Loft NYC - 10Loft NYC - 11Loft NYC - 12

Tuccia Di Capri & Pazza Notte NYC

Tuccia Di Capri - 3
Tuccia Di Capri - 2
Tuccia Di Capri - 1
Pazza Notte - 1
Pazza Notte - 2
Pazza Notte - 3
Pazza Notte - 4
pazzanotte #5

Layla Miami, Altitude 737 & La Petite Boutique

Altitude 737 - 1
Old Montreal
Altitude 737 - 3
La Petite Boutique - 1
La Petite Boutique - 2


Sky Residence Miami

Zoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan PrepszentZoltan Prepszent

Apartment by the Canal

1_Apartment by the Canal2_Apartment by the Canal3_Apartment by the Canal4_Apartment by the Canal5_Apartment by the Canal6_Apartment by the Canal7_Apartment by the Canal8_Apartment by the Canal9_Apartment by the Canal10_Apartment by the Canal11_Apartment by the Canal

Bay Loft

Bay Loft - 1
Bay Loft - 2
Bay Loft - 3
Bay Loft - 4
Bay Loft - 5
Bay Loft - 6
Bay Loft - 7
Bay Loft - 8

Hollywood Hills Studio

Hollywood Hills Studio - 1
Hollywood Hills Studio - 2
Hollywood Hills Studio - 3
Hollywood Hills Studio - 4
Hollywood Hills Studio - 5
Hollywood Hills Studio - 6
Hollywood Hills Studio - 7
Hollywood Hills Studio - 8

Event Conceptualization

Throughout our many years in the hospitality industry, we have had the opportunity to conceptualize some of the highest-profile and most memorable events in NY, LA, Miami and Montreal.

Our background as restaurant & club operators, interior designers and filmmaker provided us with a rare set of qualifications to deliver a truly magical and exciting soirée.

Events - 1Events - 2Events - 3Events - 4Events - 5Events - 6Events - 7Events - 8Events - 9Events - 10Events - 11Events - 12Events - 13Events - 14Events - 15Events - 16Events - 17Events - 18Events - 19

Creative Business Solutions

We have a very unique approach to traditional business problems, and ability to see opportunities where few can. For that reason, we excel at structuring highly innovative deals and developing market potential. We can help your company:

• Create Imaginative Financial Engineering & Introductions
• Structure Synergetic Mergers and Acquisitions
• Develop “Out of the Box” Marketing and PR Strategies
• Reposition Through Polished Branding and Image


Honed through over 20 years of conceptual artisty, Stephan wishes to bring his sophisticated aesthetic sensibility and storytelling skills to his life passion; the medium of feature films.

Inpired by visionary “autheurs” like Fellini, he seeks to revive the lost glamour of a bygone era and portray the essence of his generation with his first movie project now in development.

Furthermore, we provide imaginative story & visual concepts for:

Music Videos   •   TV Commercials   •   Promotional Videos


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Maison D'Azur Press Packet-shakira
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11-20-06 Biscuits & Brioche
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Screen Shot 2011-07-11 at 5.30.48 PM
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Maison D'Azur Press Packet
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Maison d'Azur and Layla - Miami Herald Velvet Underground - January 2, 2009
Metromix, Dec. 19, Maison and Layla(2)
Maison in MIAMI Modern Luxury Jan Feb 08
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Miami Beach Review, Maison, dec
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The Fortier Creative Group
465 Brickel Avenue, Suite 1705
Miami, Florida 33131
Tel: 786-220-8309