We use our filmmaking background to create projects with signature cinematic feel and compelling stories. With access to a massive 17,000 sf. studio in South Beach, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the top crews in the city, we can produce anything from fashion & commercial campaigns, TV ads & music videos. 


Director/filmmaker Stephan Fortier brings a highly innovative and creative vision with extreme attention to details  to all of his projects. Early in his 25-year career, he founded Ocean Drive Magazine in Canada and Talent Corp (a modeling and talent agency as well as an advertising agency). This allowed him to build a significant track record in all aspects of the business and develop  a complete  understanding  of his clients' needs from artistic and marketing perspectives.

World-renown photographer and image-maker Jarmo Pohjaneimi created several iconic fashion & glamour campaigns over a prolific 30-year career. He was one of three  in-house photographers at Playboy Magazine for 15 years. The “Master of Light,” has written several best-selling books and has become a prominent speaker at  leading conferences and seminars around the world.

Cuban-born Art Director Iris Garrido seeks to bring beauty and a sense of wonder to the world through her designs. A graduate from the prestigious Miami Ad School in New York, she’s brought her vision to iconic US and UK brands, lending an idyllic flair to all of her creations. A  storyteller by heart, she's able to create emotional connections in the visual work. In her spare time, Iris loves to engage in philosophical endeavors of existentialism and the delicate nuances of life. 


We operate within The Temple House Studios conveniently located in the heart of Miami Beach. As one of the premier venues for major productions in Miami, the spectacular location is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. We also have strategic partnerships with Chimera, Hansel & Phase One giving us access to the latest lighting and photography equipment and technologies, including some revolutionary prototypes that we get a chance to test before they hit the market.



We offer turnkey projects: from pre-production, to production and anything post. Our affiliation with Temple House, as well as our extensive roster and network of top creative minds, production experts and wide array of resources, allow us to deliver unparalleled results and value for our clients. We pride ourselves in crafting visually stunning productions that also hit the nail on the head in terms of marketing yield, efficiently and effectively reaching our clients' target audiences.