We have created some of the most exciting and memorable guest experiences, branded with a distinct and recognizable style, which has been dubbed “The Fortier Magic” by a continuously loyal following of “A-Listers” and international jet-setting clientele



We have over 25 years of experience as creators and hands-on operators of 30 different ventures in various industries
We created concepts ranging from magazines, model and advertising agencies, fashion lines and 21 restaurants, clubs & lounges 
We conceptualized critically acclaimed, trend-setting projects in the most competitive markets in the US (NY-LA-Miami)
We brought to life thriving ideas that generated over $500m in sales, $85m in earnings, and reached an audience of 100M 

Our primary strength is our ability to transform creative ideas into high-yielding, measurable results. We also acquired an impressive network of contacts from all over the world from our 25+ years as owners of over 21 of the most talked about restaurants across the country. Consequently, we accumulated a wide roster of any type of top talent, professionals and subcontractors from all over the world.